A tale by Johny Noer


Chapter 10


"Make straight in the desert a highway for our God…" (Isaiah 40:3)

The first time I said to Gisèle, that we were going to Jerusalem, I was about to drive the car into a ditch.

We were on our way to a Messianic conference in Kolding, Denmark. As usual we had the caravan behind us – and I wanted to tell Gisèle, what had been in my thoughts for several weeks.

But I didn’t quite know how to begin. After all Gisèle and the children had been through some sharp corners in the last few months, and how would she react to this latest news.

That’s probably why I said it quite bluntly. And it was, when I had said it, that I was about to drive the car into a ditch. Not because of Gisèle’s reaction; she remained rather calm; but because of something that happened outside the car.

In that same moment I mentioned the name of Jerusalem, another car drove up alongside my land cruiser, and while I heard the driver in the other car using violently the horn, I saw a man, who looked very much like a Jew, opening the window and unfolding a white banner, which rolled down before my eyes.

When I saw, what was written with red letters on the white banner, I got so shocked that I made a turn with the wheel, and the car was about to drive into the ditch.

On the banner was written: "Come to Israel!"

"I see", said Gisèle.

"What do you see?" I shouted while I got the car back on the road and tried to catch up with the men in front of me. (I had an idea, that these two men were special messengers from God, and I wanted to have a closer look at them).

"I see that we are heading for Jerusalem", Gisèle answered.

"Well, do I have to explain?"

"No, not now. But don’t drive like mad to catch up with those two men, please; they are able to go much faster than you, can’t you see? They are soon gone…"

Gisèle was right. The two men with the banner disappeared swiftly. But not their message. It stayed in our hearts…

Since that day I have tried my best to go to Jerusalem. In the beginning I thought it would be an easy trip. But I have learned that this is not the case. For years I have been travelling on the dusty roads of almost every nation in Europe – always trying to get in the direction of Jerusalem; but it is as if a mighty invisible hand continuously is turning us another way. Sometimes I have had the feeling that we too, like the children of Israel, would have to circle around for 40 years in the desert of the Gentile world before we might reach the soil of the Holy Land, but on the other hand the vision has grown more and more clear.

When at last after eight years of travelling our convoy arrived in Nurnberg, Germany, it slowly dawned upon me, that God wanted us to go up on a very special highway.

I don’t know how many road-signs I have studied over these many years of travelling life. It must have been thousands. But this one I had never noticed before. And that’s in spite of the fact that it was daily just before my nose.

It’s a road-sign in the Bible!

It’s mentioned as a directive scripture verse on the introduction page of the previous chapter in this book, and I will probably return to it a few more times. I believe personally, it is one of the most important passages of prophetic Scripture for our day. It is to be found in the Book of the prophet Isaiah, 35:8, and says, "And a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called the way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those; the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein."

Perhaps it was the eight troublesome years on the roads of Europe which mad me think like that, or perhaps it was the very place of Nurnberg, where the Holocaust-slaughter of the Jewish people was born 50 years earlier, but somehow I understood in that place that this highway was a real one. I saw that this way was not just a spiritual guideline in the Bible, but that it was a literal highway, which could be mapped out and followed through cities, valleys, villages, over hills, rivers and mountains. It was an existing way: invisible for normal human beings but visible for men of faith. I saw that the Jews would have to return back to Zion on that way, because in the very end of the same chapter, it says, "And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy…" (v.10). and I saw something more and something really frightening: I saw that I was on that way, we were on it. The convoy had for a long time been travelling on its pathways. We were involved. I saw that thousands of Jews would come back from their exile through Nuremberg, and that we were somehow preparing a way for them in the invisible and spiritual world. I was shocked at the fact that I – without knowing it – had been joining in a way with invisible road-signs, and that I had ended up in Nuremberg by the sovereign and gracious providence of God.

Nuremberg is a special place. When the allies after World War II wanted to choose a city for the process against the war-criminals of the ‘Third Reich’, they could not agree. The Russians wanted the court to be set in Berlin, but the other nations of the West wanted it to be set in Nuremberg. "It’s here the crimes against the Jews were born", they said. And they were right. In the days from the 10th to the 15th of September 1935 more than 1.6 million people were gathered in front of a huge platform in that town. All these people were brought to this specific place by 1000 special trains and 300.000 vehicles. The enormous mass of people remained in the city for more than five days, listening to burning messages from a man, who wrote in his biography, "I have wondered whether the Jewish People is a special elected people, and whether the earth in the end is going to belong to them…?" On the last day of these mass-meetings, the words of the speaker were made law by the government, and a new era began for the Jewish People all over the world.

It was in this city I first saw that Highway, which is mentioned in the Bible, while one beautiful September day I was walking in the present park of the former so-called ‘Reichsparteitagsgelände’, where the huge, black platform was built 50 years earlier, I began to understand that God’s invisible highway was going through that specific place. When I stood in the gigantic congress-hall from 1935, where Adolf Hitler was screaming the words, "Die Juden sind unser Unglück" (the Jews are our misfortune) I began to see that God would lead His chosen and beloved Jewish People back from the nations where they are now imprisoned and He will bring many of them through that same region, where all these words of hatred were born. When I was slowly ascending the steps where the black-polished boots of the Antichrist of this previous generation had tramped, I was thinking of the words he wrote in his book ‘Mein Kampf’: "Is the last victory in the end to be given to the Jewish People?" (page 69, 96th edition, Munich), and when one silent afternoon I went into the enormous ‘Hitler-building’ together with a few Christian men from Nurnberg to pray, I was deeply reminded of the two ‘Nurnberger Laws’, which were accepted in this very place on the 15th of September 1935. One was the law of ‘civil rights’ and the other was the law ‘to protect German blood and German honour’. While we were stretching our hands towards heaven and asking God to let His grace to be shown in this region of Germany, I knew it once again: God’s Highway goes through this place! He will bring thousands of Jewish People through the nations which once rejected them. Germany too will have a second chance! The church will have a second chance! Everybody will have a second chance: What are they all going to do when a new and tremendous wave of Jewish men, women and children are returning to Israel from countries who are opposing them?

The two decrees, which were accepted in Nurnberg by a hastily gathered ‘parliament’ in 1935 were the sinister forerunners of the ‘crystal night’ in 1939, where Jews were mistreated and killed and their synagogues set on fire all over Germany; what then followed was the Holocaust, where six million people of Jewish faith and a great number of persons of true Christian belief were exterminated.

When we opened war against the spiritual powers, which were hiding behind these cruel facts, we never dreamt of the missiles, which would hit our own camp. If we thought that we could make any move against the anti-Semitic and anti-Christian forces, which had initiated the hell of the Nazi-concentration-camps without being vehemently attacked ourselves, we would have to change our minds.

Shortly after the 29th of September 1984 where we had our first public meeting in the ‘Hitler-building’, we heard the explosion of the first spiritual bombshell. We tried to seek cover, but too late; we were hit, and the damage was tremendous…


Highways for God’s people are again prepared, in this time of trouble, where no one has dared to lift up the banner in the land of the north, lift anointed voices: Prisoners come forth!

Refrain: Come ye out, God’s people, Come ye out as one! Leave the soil of Magog, Victory is won!

Highways for God’s people, must again be built, every word of power, every tongue so skilled, Must be used to master Pharaoh’s today; telling every Hebrew: None of you must stay!

Highways for God’s people, going through our lands, challenging every nation: stretching out God’s hand. Waves of Jewish pilgrims! Who is leading them? Millions are returning to Jerusalem.

Highways for God’s people, ‘Holy’ is their name. Who else than Messiah takes away all shame? All who walk upon them, must be cleansed indeed, in the blood of Jesus, must from sin be freed.

Come ye out, God’s people! Come ye out as one! Leave the soil of Magog, Victory is won!

Rev. 2